Are your co-workers the health conscious, organic-minded, yogi types? No problem. With so many competing health trends—think Macro, yoga, whole-food, gluten-free, holistic, local, green, no carbon footprint—it’s easy to score thoughtful gifts for everyone in the office.  Here are our top seven choices.

1. Microgreens


Your co-worker who loves to cook will enjoy growing her own tiny, edible greens, which have been shown to have more vitamins and nutrients than full-grown greens. This do-it-yourself kit comes with a recycled steel box and bamboo lid, soilless growing medium, two full crops of seeds and instructions. The veggie kit contains  organic red acre cabbage, organic mini-carrot, organic tom thumb pea; the spice kit contains organic japanese mibuna mustard, daikon radish, shungiku chrysanthemum. (Uncommon Goods' Microgreens Kitchen Garden Kit, $40)

2. Gluten-free cookbook


There's a gluten-free girl or guy in every office these days. And the recipes in the this Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam, are winners - from chocolate chip cookies to chocolate cake to pie dough. (The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, $13)

3. Sleep mask


For your travelling co-worker, how about a sleep mask, with a dragonfly pattern to cutely and effectively block out the light on long-distance flights? Or, you might consider it for the office snoozer. It’s 100 percent silk and can also be found in other patterns. (Sleep mask, shop.janeincproducts.com, $25)

4. Yoga mat


Another gift for an on-the-go co-worker—this travel yoga mat is foldable, extra thick, comes with a bag and is free of phthalates and latex. (Khataland YoFoMat, $40, Amazon.com)

5. Yurbuds


The runner who sits near you at work will love these ear buds that reportedly don’t fall out of your ears while running. Designed by triathletes who were frustrated by loose ear buds, Yurbuds fit tightly in your ears. They’re also sweat proof and water resistant. (Yurbuds, Amazon.com, $40)

6. Moisturizing artisan soap


Your boss is sure to love these luxurious, handmade artisan soaps. Trained in aromatherapy and healing arts, Michelle Gilbert created the Sarva Soap Co., a line of hand-made artisan soaps that contain pure oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Her soaps contain no harsh chemicals and use naturally-occurring pigments from spices, clays and botanicals. Now the fun part: They’re gorgeous. Try the Peppermint Twist for the holidays. (Sarvasoap.com, $6.25)

7. Desktop fish tank


This mini-aquarium is the perfect desk accessory for a quirky workplace environment - plus, it's a great stress reliever, too. Water recirculates providing oxygen for your fish while color changing LEDs provide a captivating display. It also comes with an alarm clock and a handy place for your cell phone and a USB power connector. (USB Fishquarium, www.thinkgeek.com, $40)