Everyone has his or her own personality – and when it comes to doctors, each one has a certain style.

Choosing a physician that you mesh with is important and can make a huge impact on your health.  Vitals.com, an online database that connects patients to the medical world, conducted a survey and found there are five kinds of doctors.

“The most important point is that not each type fits the different patients,” Dr. Todd Rosengart, the chief medical officer for Vitals, told FoxNews.com. “It becomes very important to make sure you are connected with the right doctor, because that ultimately translates into your being more compliant with medicine (and) listening to what the doctor has to say.”

Rosengart said the favorite type of doctor is called “The Sage,” with 30 percent of those surveyed preferring this type.  These doctors are typically older and have more experience.

“Sort of the good uncle who you could really sort of trust and develop a personal relationship with,” Rosengart said.

People who typically favor The Sage are older individuals.  Younger patients who prefer quicker appointments may feel that Sage doctors take up too much of their time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are “Dr. Data” or “Dr. Digital.”  In stark contrast to The Sage, this kind of doctor delivers cold facts, gives you what you need to know and is not very compassionate.

“Not many patients in our survey like ‘Dr. Data’ or ‘Dr. Digital’ – about 8 percent,” Rosengart said. “But again, he's very competent, he will do a good job, but he’s not really going to hold your hand.”

Rosengart predicted that as health care changes, people may see more and more “Dr. Digitals” than they want to see.

Similar to Dr. Digital was Dr. No Nonsense, who is a little bit closer to The Sage, but will still not spend the amount of time a patient might like to spend discussing his or her ailments.  These doctors thrive on getting to a precise diagnosis and starting a regimen fast – but their bedside manner is a bit lacking.  About 18 percent of survey respondents preferred Dr. No Nonsense.

The second favorite kind of doctor type was “The Idealist,” with 24 percent of patients preferring this kind of doctor.

“The Idealist is a young Dr. Sage,” Rosengart said. “So he might not have the experience of Dr. Sage, but he's Dr. Sage as a youngster, if you will.”

The last type of doctor was “Dr. Whole You” – the down-to-earth alternative medicine doctor.

“(They’re) fairly unusual, but again very important for patients who are looking for that kind of out-of-the-box treatment,” Rosengart said. “(It’s a) very important role, but again, is usually less and less frequently seen because there isn't the time to offer that kind of alternative medicine.”

To learn more about the five doctor types and how patients can pick the right type for them, visit Vitals.com.