With something as basic as deodorant, it can be easy to reach for the same formula over and over again without giving the decision much thought. But, if any of these all-too-common problems plague you, it might be time to make a switch—or at least expand your arsenal to more than just one do-everything stick. Here, Dove Men+Care ambassador and dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney identifies what exactly could be going wrong.

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1.) You always get sweat stains at the worst possible moment
Bottom line: It might be time to ditch deodorant for a powerful antiperspirant. “Men often think that deodorant and antiperspirant are the same products with different looks— white vs. clear”, Keaney comments. “In reality, they have very different functions. Antiperspirants often use aluminum-based ingredients to block sweat, while deodorants are designed to provide odor protection.”

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2.) You often leave the house and realize you could smell better
If you’ve got the sweat situation on lock but often find yourself wondering “Is that me or the person sitting next to me?” then you probably need some deodorant in your life, which is the heavy-hitter when it comes to odor. Keaney adds, “Reapply before nighttime events, like a date, when smelling good is going to be more of a concern than blocking sweat.”

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3.) You consider that burning feeling under your arms to be normal
“Fifty-four percent of men suffer from underarm irritation, mostly because of the anatomy of the area,” Keaney explained. “It’s a skinfold, where two surfaces are rubbing together with higher concentrations of sweat glands and hair— an almost perfect environment for potential irritation.” Keaney recommends using an antiperspirant, which prevents irritation by reducing sweat production. Bonus points if it's a formula that promises to be gentle on skin.

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4.) Your shirts need to be washed every time you wear them
If you can’t make it through the day without sweating and stinking up your shirt to the point of no return, there's something wrong. Keaney recommends seeking out an antiperspirant that boasts 48-hour protection. Secondly, keep a stick in your desk drawer. A second application midday could be the difference between spending $30 a month on dry-cleaning and $300.

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5.) You're still working through that Costco value pack your mom bought you in 2010
Every deodorant that's been in your medicine cabinet longer than Game of Thrones has been on TV is the wrong deodorant. While it isn’t as volatile as, say, moisturizer, it can still go bad. After about three years, the fragrance can get funky and the formula can lose its efficacy, making it a waste of your time to use. Bottom line: Spend the $5 on a new stick and your armpits will thank you.

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