If you’ve found yourself in a sex slump, it may be as simple as heading to your refrigerator for a libido boost.

“Diet profoundly affects our hormones and sexual appetite,” Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, the author of “Great Sex, Naturally” (Hay House), tells us. “Whether you’re having difficulty reaching orgasm or just want to increase desire, there’s food for that.”

Here are a handful to help you get your mojo back:

1.) Pomegranates
If Viagra were fruit, it would be a pomegranate [pictured above]. “They help support blood vessels and circulation for both men and women,” Steelsmith says. “This means better circulation to sexual ­organs and, consequently, better ­orgasms.”

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2.) Broccoli
“This cruciferous vegetable is high in indole-3-carbinol, which helps to break down and regulate estrogen,” Steelsmith notes. “Having proper levels of the hormone promotes a strong libido.” Too much estrogen can make men and women feel crabby and tired.

3.) Pumpkin seeds
While pumpkin seeds might not be tops on your diet, you’ll want to add them after learning they can spice up things between the sheets. “They contain L-tryptophan — a precursor to serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that can affect your sexual health,” says Steelsmith. “Add them to your salads, trail mixes and cereals.”

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