3 hacks to make you a healthier, more well-rounded man

Men’s Health magazine has rounded up a list of useful tips and compiled them in a book to help encourage more well-rounded men. “The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge: Clever Hacks for Navigating Life with Skill and Swagger” is packed with simple tricks that men can implement in their daily lives, offering handy how-tos like dressing well and dating out of your league.

Some of these hacks are quick and easy ways to stay happy and healthy. The book’s editor Jeff Csatari spoke with FoxNews.com to talk about some of his favorite tips that help keep him running.

Fit in fitness

There are tons of excuses for not exercising, but a no-frills workout regimen that requires only dumbbells can be done anywhere and anytime, including in the office. Simply raise a set of dumbbells to do a bicep curl, and then slowly lower them for five to 10 seconds. The book recommends doing two sets of five reps. “It really gives you a nice burn and gets the blood pumping” for when you need a second wind at work, Csatari said.

Ease common ailments at home

The book also offers a handful of home remedies for common ailments that pop up from time to time. For example, you can treat a canker core with a wet tea bag. Experts say the tannins found in tea can act as an astringent.

To ease sore feet, you can create and instant foot massage by pouring uncooked beans into your slippers and walking around for a few minutes.

We all know the importance of sufficient snooze time and how a good night’s rest can do wonders for your health. But falling asleep can be easier said than done for some people. Mimicking a certain flying animal can help, Csatari said. “Act like a bat,” he explained. “You want your room dark and cool.”

Reducing your core temperature helps you fall asleep faster, added Csatari, who advised wearing socks to bed, which helps draw heat away from your core.

Strengthen your relationship with your partner

Knowing your body and how to keep it healthy is important, but knowing your partner’s can help keep a relationship strong. Determining how to correctly handle turbulence that’s the result of a biological process in particular can come in handy. For example, if your partner is crying, it could be caused by too much cortisol, a stress hormone, but to combat this excess, you can offer a simple hug. Physical contact boosts a feel-good hormone called oxytocin, which could help feel your loved one feel better.

For more hacks to become a more well-rounded man, and for information about the book, visit MensHealth.com.