An ad for Huggies showing a blind soon-to-be-mother “meeting” her unborn son Murilo for the first time has gone viral.

While most pregnant women cherish the first glimpses of their babies before they are born through ultrasounds, Tatiana Guerra, 30, of Brazil thought that she would have miss out on this very special moment because she has been blind since the age of 17.

The video called “Meeting Murilo” shows a Guerra’s doctor is performing an ultrasound and describing what he sees. She pitches in saying that she imagines that his nose may look “like a little potato,” and also imagines his “chubby little hand.”

Through 3-D printing technology, her imagination was turned into something real as Guerra’s doctor was able to provide a model of her baby based off of the ultrasound for her to “see” through touch. The surprise gave the expecting mother an opportunity to visualize her son; a moment of motherhood she thought she would have been without.

“I’m very happy to meet Murilo…Before he is born,” she said.