Doctors found a 20-pound tumor in an 11-year-old Florida girl's stomach after the girl's middle school informed her mother the child was being harassed by bullies who claimed she was pregnant.

First Coast News reports the now 12-year-old girl's mother Janet Roberts was shocked when she was called into a meeting at her daughter's school and told word around the school was her child was pregnant because the girl had an extended stomach.

"I was (in) shock," Roberts told the station. "To me, it was a joke at first."

Roberts said she began giving her daughter pregnancy tests every two weeks, but every one was negative.

Meanwhile, her daughter's stomach kept growing. Three months later, Roberts decided to take her to the hospital, where doctors discovered the tumor.

"It was 19 pounds, well 20 pounds in size," Roberts told First Coast News, "But because of her size, they had to drain two liter bottle of it before they could pull it out of her."

The tumor was benign, but Roberts says her daughter is struggling with the aftermath of her ordeal and the bullying she suffered.

"She has a hard time dealing with what happen to her. She's writing notes about what happened and how the people treated her," she said.

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