An Irish toddler born without a nose became the first to receive an implant of the missing facial feature, thanks to 3-D printing, Express.co.uk reported.

Tessa Evans, 2, of Maghera, in Northern Ireland, was born with complete congenital arhinia, meaning she was born without a nose. According to the news site, only 47 cases have been reported in medical history.

Tessa is unable to smell but can cough, sneeze and catch a cold. Her condition initially appeared at a 20-week pregnancy scan.

"Initial research advised me to terminate my pregnancy, but I've been campaigning since she was born to raise awareness about the condition and how wonderful arhinia children are,” her mom, Grainne Evans, 31, told Express.co.uk.

The toddler will have to undergo an operation every couple of years to get the nose resized. By the time she’s a teenager, it will be complete.

“Tessa's case is extremely unusual, Jonathan Britto, Tessa’s craniofacial plastic surgeon at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, told the news site. “However, this new technology combined with the longstanding principle of tissue expansion will help other children with arhinia, as the previous options were poor, and involved complex surgeries with higher risk and less reward.”

"We have been totally thrilled with the result. She's equally as beautiful as before, there's just a little extra Tessa now,” her mom told Express.co.uk.

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