132-Pound Chinese Toddler Seeking Help in Hong Kong

The parents of a 132-pound toddler from China – who has recently made headlines across the world – are hoping doctors in Hong Kong can help their severely overweight son.

Lu Hao has already been taken to several hospitals near his home in Guangdong Province to find out why he's so overweight, but doctors there have not been able to pinpoint any specific cause, although some have speculated it could be a hormonal disorder.

"We believe there must be specialists in Hong Kong who can help us," Lu Hao’s father said.

A Hong Kong weight-loss center has offered to help the boy lose weight for free. The center, which has not provided its name, uses non-intrusive Japanese technology to help the body break down fat. Lu Hao’s parents are now applying for a permit to travel to Hong Kong and hope to be there with their obese child in a couple of weeks.

Ironically, when Lu Hao was born he was underweight, at 5.7 pounds, but he started putting on weight at 3 months old and has not stopped.

In preparation for the trip, Lu Hao’s parents have put him on a diet. He is now only allowed to eat one bowl of rice at meals instead of three.

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