11-year-old in trouble after sharing marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats with classmates

An 11-year-old Texas boy is in hot water after he shared marijuana oil-laced Rice Krispies Treats with four of his classmates. A local police officer in Newark told Fox 4 News he believes the fifth-grader knew the desserts contained a psychotropic chemical.

“I believe they all knew it had some content of a drug that would help make them drunk,” Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin told the news station.

A teacher in the Northwest Independent School District, in North Texas, noticed the boys’ eyes looked glassy, that they were giggly, and that their motor skills were impaired.

“One of them became combative,” Akin added.

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Two of the students, none of which Fox 4 named, were processed in the juvenile system but not detained.

Akin noted the case is just one of many made possible by recreational pot legalization in Colorado, Fox 4 reported.

“Almost on a weekly basis, my deputies on patrol are intercepting edibles and other forms of marijuana coming into Texas on (Highway) 287 from Colorado,” he told the news station.