A paraglider in Ebenalp, Switzerland, was ramping up to ride the wind when he accidentally had a run-in with a cow.

The adventurer took a running start on a steep hill in order to get an appropriate amount of lift, but stumbled as he approached the poor animal. Someone off-camera shouted, “Watch out for the cow!” as he was running, but the warning came a little too late.

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In the YouTube video, you can hear the cow let out a shocked "moo" during the encounter. After all, wouldn’t you be surprised if someone came out of nowhere and nearly kicked you in the head?

The heifer trotted away from the paraglider after the crash, seeming a little off balance, but it looks like it was the man who took most of the impact.

While the cow seemed unharmed, we're willing to bet it will have major beef with any other outdoorsy thrill-seekers who come near it in the future.