While many pizza restaurants max out with 20-inch pizzas, with a few outliers straying into the 30-inch territory, there are few in the world bold enough to make pizzas that rival the size of the people eating them. But even then, most of those pizzerias will only make them a few times a month for special food challenges. Only a select, crazy few pizza joints in the world will make humongous pizzas at the whims of their customers – although they may require 48 hours notice. Here are the top five biggest, commercially available pizzas in the world.

1. Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria – Los Angeles, CA


(Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria Inc.)

Named the biggest pizza commercially available in the world by Guinness World Records, the Giant Sicilian rings at an enormous 54 x 54 inches (although, weirdly, it’s not actually the biggest on this list. What the heck, Guinness?). As long as you give the Los Angeles pizzeria 24 hours’ notice, you can actually get this monster delivered to your family outing, work event, or whatever excuse you come up with for attempting to eat this 4.5 foot square pizza alone (please do not attempt to eat this pizza alone, even over a couple days, for the sake of both your dignity and your colon). The 200-piece pie can serve up to 70 people, and comes in at a cool $199.99, with additional toppings costing 14.99 each.

2. Il Colosseo – Sydney, Australia


(Il Colosseo)

Tucked away in the Allphones Arena in Sydney, The Colossus reminds pizza-eating Australians of their rich Italian and Greek heritage. This 58-pound meat-and-cheese monstrosity utilizes eleven pounds of meat, seven pounds of cheese, and two liters of sauce, and requires two days’ notice to cook this $600, 70 x 70-inch pizza in its custom-built kitchen. Some people build their house around their kitchen; Il Colosseo built their kitchen around their pizza.

3. The Pizza Machine – Gallatin, TN


(The Pizza Machine)

The Pizza Machine in Gallatin, TN, delivers its 60-inch pizza to your table via crane. While you might want to consider the fact that a human cannot physically bring your food to you a sign of things to come, also consider the fact that this pizza exceeds the supposed world record holding pizza by 23 square inches. Much like the other pizzas on this list, no food challenge is required before ordering this, so sit back, relax, and cram five feet of this $350 pizza down your gullet.

4. Big Lou’s Pizza – San Antonio, TX


(Big Lou’s Pizza)

While perhaps not as exciting (or filling!) as a 54 or 70-inch pizza, Big Lou’s 42-inch pizza makes up for size with variety. Instead of being limited to just pounds upon pounds of cheese, at Big Lou’s you can get pounds upon pounds of more than five different toppings, with their “Big Lou Super 42” that weighs in at around 30 pounds. Not only is the Super 42 much cheaper than its larger contemporaries, but it was also featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food.

5. El Buono – Quezon City, Philippines


(El Buono)

In a relatively new location in the Philippines, El Buono’s pizza claims to be "Asia's Biggest Pizza." Their 65-inch pizza also holds claim as Asia’s largest delivered pizza, as it serves up to 150 people. If you can get it delivered, the favorable exchange rate to the dollar lands this pizza at $190, including the addition of up to four toppings. That’s $3 per inch of pizza, as opposed to the near triple price per inch of The Colossus.

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