Ever wonder how Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor Chunky Monkey is made to be the ideal blend of chunky and creamy? Or what flavorings are added to Jelly Belly jelly beans to make them taste like Buttered Popcorn?

The secrets to creating these and other iconic foods are revealed in factory tours around the world, where you can watch your favorite treat made first-hand and can sometimes make it yourself. You may even get to taste a sample or two.

At the Chocolaterie Duval factory in Belgium, visitors get a hands-on tutorial in making the chocolate company's famous caraques and pralines, from tempering and molding it to designing, packaging, and eventually eating it.

In Japan, recreating the invention of the world's first instant ramen, the Instant Ramen museum educates guests on how the classic Asian noodle is made and lets them make their own.

Nowhere else can you find as many classic, unusual, and novelty jelly bean flavors than at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, Calif., where the factory air smells like whatever jelly bean flavors are being made that day: maybe cinnamon, buttered popcorn, or strawberry jam.

Read on for more world famous food factories that are worth the trip across the world.

1. Ben & Jerry’s — U.S.A



Ice cream connoisseurs curious about how their favorite ice cream flavors like “Chunky Monkey” or “Cherry Garcia” are made can watch the flavor magic happen in a guided tour at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont. Visitors are given an ice cream sample of the day and can try more flavors at the factory’s scoop shop. The Flavor Graveyard is just up the hill from the factory and is available for paying respects to retired Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors.

2. Cadbury — United Kingdom


(Flickr/Jacob Hiller)

Chocolate “comes to life” at Cadbury World, where chocolate lovers can hop into a “Beanmobile” and explore the history of chocolate, how it’s made, wrapped, and packaged at the Cadbury factory, and more. The park is home to the “World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop,” where guests will find all of their favorite Cadbury chocolates as well as novelty treats not sold at any other chocolate shop.

3. Chocolat Alprose — Switzerland



The Chocolat Alprose highlights the tradition of Swiss chocolate making and the history of chocolate in a guided tour of the factory. After the tour, visitors can treat their sweet tooth to anything and everything in the factory’s chocolate shop.

4. Chocolaterie Duval — Belgium



At the Chocolaterie Duval factory, guests get a hands-on tutorial in making the chocolate company’s famous caraques and pralines, from tempering and molding it to designing, packaging, and eventually eating it. When it’s time to taste the chocolate, wine is offered for a wine and chocolate pairing.

5. Emmentaler Schaukäserei — Switzerland


(Flickr/Cha gia Jose)

Like a master cheesemonger, guests at the Emmentaler Schaukäserei factory can make their own hard or semi-soft cheese over an open fire. Once it’s matured, the cheese can be delivered anywhere in the country.

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