Women caught licking life-size Benedict Cumberbatch statue

Benedict Chocobatch-- the lifesize chocolate statue that is the spitting image of "The Imitation Game" star Benedict Cumberbatch-- is a true work of art.

Sculpted from 88 pounds of pure Belgian chocolate, Chocobatch stands over six feet tall. He was originally created as publicity stunt for UKTV ahead of Good Friday.

But, as it turns out, fans of the actor find the chocolate likeness as irresistible as the actor himself.

Benedict Chocobatch was placed at the Westfield Stratford shopping center in London last week. While many simply stopped to admire and take pictures with the giant chocolate man, a hidden camera caught some naughty behavior by ravenous aficionados.

Some licked his arm or hand, others gently kissed his thighs-- but a few even made away with a whole finger of chocolate. Ouch.The real Cumberbatch is probably happy to have a chocolate stand-in this time.

Check out the hilarious hidden camera action.