Why are these people unhappy about McDonald's new Lobster Roll?

Lobster is a luxury seafood delicacy and it has no place at McDonald’s.

That’s what some are saying after the fast food chain announced it was bringing back the McLobster after a decade's-long hiatus.

Under a newly minted name of Lobster Roll, it’s only available at participating restaurants in New England and Canada for a limited time.  It’s made with North Atlantic lobster, mayonnaise, topped with lettuce on a freshly toasted roll and clocks in at a mere 290 calories, fewer than many other fast-food options.  At $8.99 it’s a steal, compared to New England lobster shack prices that are usually $15-$25.

But already food bloggers are complaining that Mc’D’s version is filled with “filler” lettuce and way too much mayo.

"The limp bun holds a bizarrely large amount of lettuce, both shredded and whole-leaf, neither of which is anything more than filler," Eater food blogger Adam Callagan wrote.

Another reviewer in Canada called the sandwich "revolting."

"The expiration date read 8/30 3:25 pm. By my watch only three hours until the roll would be rotten."

The move has been seen as an attempt by McDonald’s to compete with other fast food chains such as Shake Shack and Chipotle.  But amid the falling price of lobster, the roll has the fast food giant at odds with some foodies.

McDonald’s has been rolling out limited-time offerings with regional flavors, including an Old Bay Filet-O-Fish in the mid-Atlantic region, and “Spirit of Kentucky” Quarter Pounder in Kentucky, that are part of CEO Steve Easterbrook's strategy to put more power and menu-making decisions in the hands of regional operators.

Easterbrook said these changes were a way to bring about improvements to the company that has been suffering from slumping sales.  “The company is seeking "progress over perfection. If we want everything to be just right, we'll never quite get there. So let's get out there and try things, let's test things. We can fail fast and spot the successes and scale fast.”

So would you eat lobster at McD's?  Let us know.