Do you want wine or beer with your cupcake?

That’s what Marlo Scott, the owner and founder of Sweet Revenge, a delightful little bar and restaurant in downtown Manhattan, will ask you when you visit.  Scott’s fine establishment pairs the most delectable cupcakes with wine and beer.

Swear.  Didn't think they really go together?  Here's a taste:

Her signature peanut butter cup with a little chocolate ganache in the middle is paired with the Region 1 Malbec, from Spain and it tastes like an adult PB&J. Or her “Dirty” cupcake, a dark chocolate lovers dream, is paired with the Sweet Smaak Rose Moscato, from South Africa, so you get that fruit bubbly-ness to cleanse your palate after the decadent chocolate.

And since we last spoke with her, she's added breakfast to the menu. Imagine, Red Velvet Belgian waffles, with whipped cream cheese, salted caramel syrup and raspberry sauce – paired with a raspberry bellini.

I can’t think of a better way to treat Mom this Mother’s Day. (Kids? Are you reading this?)

In her life pre-Sweet Revenge, Scott worked for corporate America or “The Man” as she says, and after a bunch of awful experiences including some layoffs she decided to get “sweet revenge” and follow her dreams.

But she has no formal wine or culinary training. She just has a passion in her eyes that has allowed her to succeed.  And for every person that knocked her down, Scott wants to uplift 10 more.  In addition to the store, she is beginning to offering motivational and entrepreneurial classes, and even a food pairing class that she says again – requires no formal training.

She’s my kind of girl – approachable, fun and ambitious.  And no wonder.  Imagine if your livelihood depended on tasting cupcakes and wine all day.

So follow your heart.  Do what you love.

Go have a cupcake. Pair it with your favorite wine and I’ll pass it on to Scott.

Cent’ Anni.