What the heck is a cronut?

If a doughnut and croissant had a love child, it would be a cronut.

Think light, flaky layers of croissant dough fried like a doughnut--and then coated with sugar, cream -- and a sprinkle of angel dust.

The cronut is the brainchild of pastry chef Dominique Ansel, owner of New York City's Dominique Ansel Bakery, and named one of the “Top 10 Pastry Chefs in the United States” by Dessert Professional Magazine.

The pastry, which was unveiled to the public Friday, sold out in just 35 minutes. The shop made a second batch that sold out in 10 minutes, and since then the phone has been ringing off the hook with pre-orders.

"People are comparing to a cruller, but it’s really, really light and flaky and tastes like a crepe cake," said Ansel, who's been fielding calls and showing off his creation to other chefs like like "Top Chef: Just Desserts" star Zac Young, who came in to take a look. Images of the cronut also hit the Internet creating a buzz on social media, with some calling it the "coissant hybrid that may very well change your life."

Ansel said he spent months testing the recipe to get a final product of soft, stamped layers with a slightly crispy finish.

Each layer is flavored three ways: with crystallized sugar, a Tahitian vanilla-flavored ganache, and finished off with a rose glaze. Every month will feature a new flavor.

Sadly for now, New York is the only place you can get a cronut --which sells for $5.  But if you don't want to wait in line or face the disappointment of them being sold out,  it's recommended that people call ahead of time.  If you're further afield, the wait is even longer. Shipping is unlikely, as these creatures are pretty delicate.