Wendy's offers lobster burgers in Japan

In the mood for surf and turf or caviar? If you are in Japan, you can head to Wendy’s to satisfy this craving.  Yes, that Wendy’s.

For a limited time, the burger chain is offering a lobster surf and turf burger as well as a caviar and lobster sandwich. The luxurious sandwiches include Canadian lobster meat and are available at 1,280 yen (about $16.31) a pop. The first burger is simply Wendy’s traditional square beef patty and lobster. The other is more like a sandwich because it doesn’t actually have a patty. Instead, the lobster and caviar “burger” is made with pieces of whole lobster, lobster salad and caviar.     

To put things in perspective, Wendy’s traditional single cheeseburger costs 480 yen (about $6.12).

Wendy’s, which will open its second location in Japan on Aug. 17, will also sell an Ocean Premium Salad made with both lobster chunks and lobster salad as well as caviar, avocado and egg for 1580 yen (about $20.14).

The price of lobster has fallen to record lows this summer. Around Independence Day, many stores in Maine were selling the king of seafood for less than $5 a pound, which made it cheaper than bologna by weight.