Wendy's offers free chicken nuggets to fast food fan but there's a catch

Some people will try anything to score free food. Especially if that food happens to be a crispy, juicy chicken nugget.

On Wednesday night, Twitter user Carter Wilkerson requested a year of free chicken nuggets from fast-food chain Wendy’s. Wilkerson, who, according to his Twitter bio, is a foodie who enjoys chicken nuggets, tacos and cherries, posted, “Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?”

Wendy’s, which has received a lot of recent attention for its active social media presence, responded to the tweet pretty quickly, telling Wikerson sure thing, but that it would take a whopping 18 million retweets to score free chicken nuggets.

An ambitious Wilkerson responded, “Consider it done.”

The saga continued Thursday as Wilkerson made a bold move and attempted to negotiate with Wendy’s tweeting, “@Wendys I came to negotiate. Let's make it 180k and I'll never eat at any other fast food restaurants ever again.”

As the retweets rolled in, Wendy’s tweeted, “Honestly has gotten way more RTs than we expected.”

Wilkerson is now playing the waiting game as people from across the country-- and maybe the world-- help him out in his quest for eternal nugget glory.

As of Friday morning, Wilkerson has scored over 1 million retweets on the original call-to-action post, which, according to Wendy's, is the tweet that matters.

Currently, the most retweeted tweet of all time is Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie with 3.2 million retweets, according to Mashable, so Wilkerson has an incredibly lofty goal ahead.

Want to help out a true nugget lover? Fans of Willkerson’s are coming together with the hashtag #NuggsForCarter in an effort to help him break the record and earn some free nuggets.