A group of vegan extremists has launched a Web site meant to shame scores of “ex-vegans” — even posting the names and photos of the meat-munching traitors.

The The Vegan Sellout List, at exvegans.com, features a directory of former vegans, including plenty of New York City residents.

It says its mission is to hold responsible folks who eat animals and know better.

The site accuses the former non-meat-and-dairy eaters of once being vegans only to be trendy or to make friends.

“The spirits of the billions murdered have risen to deliver: The Vegan Sellout List,” the site declares.

“The Vegan Sellout List is our answer to . . . those who are aware of the suffering caused by meat, dairy, egg, fur and leather production, yet choose to look away while the animals suffer,” the site says, calling out “swarms of haughty, nose-turning carnists.”

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