WATCH: Irish Folks Try American Easter Candy for the First Time, Don't Think Much of Peeps

We're not entirely familiar with Ireland's Easter traditions, but we know for a fact that candy — in some form or another — plays at least a small part in the festivities. After watching the clip above, though, it's clear that the Emerald Isle ain't got nothin' on America's obsession with egg-shaped chocolates.

In the aforementioned video produced by the Facts Channel, six Irish citizens were tasked with taste-testing some of America's sweetest Easter treats. Some of the candies they liked, some they merely tolerated, and others they flat-out described as "drywall." (And that's not to mention their thoughts on Peeps, otherwise known America's most adorable Ressurection-themed confection.)

Watch the clip above to witness their reactions for yourself, then leave us with your personal thoughts on Peeps below — and try not to factor "cuteness" into it.