Watch cocoa bean growers taste chocolate for the first time

For many Americans, chocolate is an affordable indulgence easily found at any supermarket or convenience store.

But for some who grow and harvest the cocoa bean, the concept of a chocolate bar is a completely foreign experience.

A viral video from Netherlands’ Metropolis TV shows a funny and eye-opening scene as cocoa bean growers, for the first time, see the end result of their hard work.

The correspondent travels to the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans, to talk with cocoa growers about their trade--and hands out pieces of a chocolate bar.

It turns out that many of the growers not only have no idea what happens to the beans after they leave their country, but many of them have never tasted something made from the cocoa plant. A bar of chocolate costs about a third of many growers' daily wages, according to the video report.

When tasting the chocolate, their reactions range from comical (one man jokes that foreigners are “addicted” to it), to surprise that something so delicious is made from the simple cocoa bean.  Many think the chocolate tastes good.

“It is very sweet,” one grower comments. "I did not know cocoa was so yummy."

"We complain because growing cocoa is hard work," another grower says. "Now we enjoy the result. What a privilege to taste it."

Check out the full video below --and never take chocolate for granted again.