Walmart's Fresh Express salad recalled after dead bat discovery

Fresh Express, a company which produces and distributes packaged salads to supermarkets across the country including Walmart, recalled a salad mix on Saturday after two people in Florida discovered a dead bat in a pack, the Center for Disease Control said.

The people reportedly found the bat in a "deteriorated condition" after eating some of leafy greens from the Organic Marketside Spring Mix package, purchased at a Walmart, according to the CDC.

The bat was taken to the CDC rabies lab, but investigators could not rule out if the animal had the disease because its remains were so decayed. The two customers are being evaluated by Florida local and state health officials.

Fresh Express issued a recall of the Organic Marketside Spring Mix as a precaution as the CDC continues to investigate the situation. The packages affected are sold in clear 5 oz. containers with the production code G089B19 and the "best if used by" date of April 14.


"Fresh Express takes matters of food safety very seriously and rigorously complies with all food safety regulations including the proscribed Good Agricultural Practices," the company said in a statement.

The prepackaged salad mix is only sold in Walmart stores in the Southeastern region of the United States. The chain has since removed the items from store shelves.

The CDC said anyone who already ate the recalled product, and didn't find "extraneous animal matter," are not at risk of contracting rabies.

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