For the first time ever, a Waffle House location in Georgia is adding a new, adults only item to their menu — beer.

Braves fans at SunTrust Park in Atlanta now have the opportunity to order a cold one, including Miller Lite or Coors Lite, at a Waffle House stand inside the stadium.


In addition to beer, the Waffle House stand at SunTrust Park also sells hashbrowns.

The alcoholic beverages became available Monday at the iconic restaurant chain's "World Famous Hashbrowns" stand — the second Waffle House location, albeit with a smaller menu, in Section 130 of the famed baseball stadium.

Fans are offered the opportunity to order Waffle House’s  famous hashbrowns with cheesesteak, grilled chicken, or with a variety of topping options such as “chunked ham,” all, of course, with a side of beer.

The hashbrown stand is one of over 2,000 Waffle House locations in 25 states throughout U.S — one of around 400 in Georgia alone. "Many" highway exits in the Peach State even have two Waffle Houses, according to the chain.

Established in the mid-1950s, Waffle House boasts a wide menu of breakfast and lunch favorites. The restaurant told Fox News the cart featuring beer "is a one-off location for us," so fans looking to drink a beer with their Waffle House meal will just have to make the trek to SunTrust Park.

Fox News' Alex Quiles contributed to this report.