An r/AskReddit prompt has resulted in some internet gold from servers who recounted the many hilarious – and sometimes terrifying – art they have encountered from kids who are given crayons at restaurants.

The Reddit post, which made it to the front page with nearly 34,000 upvotes, asked waiters and waitresses to describe “the weirdest thing you’ve seen a child draw?”


In more than 6,500 comments, wait staff and family members shared their unusual stories of the little artists they witnessed.

One “dramatic” youngster reportedly drew a landscape with the sun, grass and flowers next to her own tombstone. According to the family member sharing the story, the little girl said, “It is me. We waited so long here I died.”

Similarly, a server shared a story about a little boy who was drawing an innocuous milkshake. However, when the child’s mom asked him what he was drawing, he reportedly said, “gotta draw my own damn milkshake because it’s taking too long.”

While another server shared a story that wasn’t so much about what the child drew as much as what she didn’t draw.

“I went to greet my table once and the parents asked me to take the red crayon. Only the red, because their daughter will eat red crayons, not any other colors, just red,” the worker wrote.

One aspiring historian reportedly drew a picture of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as a robot fighting off tanks. "It was labeled 'Mecha-Stalin vs. The ‘Democracy’ of Russia'."

Though not all of the "weird" drawings were about food and late politicians. One aspirational 7-year-old reportedly used his crayons to claim, “I own this restaurant now.”