University of Nebraska football player stiffs server for trash-talking his team

A college football player wanted to teach an opinionated server a lesson in polite conversation by leaving a scolding note instead of a tip.

University of Nebraska’s junior wide receiver Brandon Reilly was dining out at an identified restaurant on Monday  and apparently overheard his server—identified as “Trey” on the receipt—saying some not-so-nice things about the Cornhuskers’ disappointing 5-7 season.

Reilly tweeted, then later deleted, a picture of his receipt admonishing his server for bashing his team—and stiffing him out of a top on a $27 bill, reports The College Sun.

“Next time be more observant about who’s eating before bashing on a team,” Reilly allegedly wrote below the tip line.

Reilly’s note is the latest in a string of diners stiffing servers for a variety of reasons-- some reportedly even politically or racially motivated. Though the wide receiver eventually deleted the original Tweet, it appears he may have had a change of heart.

He later posted, “Phone couldn't handle the madness..don't regret posting it. People can't be disrespectful & expect things in return.”

But when followers started probing about the motive behind posting the receipt, Reilly said “he just wanted to prove a point” and never mentioned the restaurant. He also told another follower that he “messed up” and that his waiter deserved a tip.