Turkey Slurpee is the latest dangerous food stunt to hit the Internet

Just when you think that stupid food tricks, like the cinnamon challenge, have faded out of the spotlight, there's yet another kids are trying and one for parents to worry about.

A new video shows the latest food meme called the "turkey Slurpee."  And it has nothing to do with the 7-11 iced drink.

A YouTube clip posted by user Tim Sessions, shows a young woman holding a thin piece of deli meat in front of her mouth.  In about one second, she inhales the slice, swallowing it whole while somehow managing not to choke.

Is this magic? The guy behind her attempts the same stunt and fails miserably, choking on his own slice of turkey.

Some may consider this an impressive feat --or think it's freaky looking.  But those who attempt this should be warned that it is a potentially dangerous stunt. Like the cinnamon challenge before it, choking is a very real concern.

“This is outright dangerous, people could easily aspirate and choke on the meat as a result of trying to swallow as you inhale,” Dr. Robert Glatter, an ER physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, told FoxNews.com. “By comparison, the cinnamon challenge is almost benign.”

A quick YouTube search shows that a few people have already attempted the stunt and almost all appear to immediately choke.

After watching the video, Glatter told us that the woman in the video may have trained herself to control her gag reflex or even been born with a physical abnormality-- one which most of us lack-- that makes this trick possible.

"People should never try this home, and kids especially should not do this," Glatter said.

Watch the original if you dare.