Shopping for wine? Gary Fisch wants to help.

As the CEO and founder of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, he has created the equivalent of a Toys R Us for us wine lovers.  If you're in New Jersey, you are lucky enough to be able to visit one of his three mega stores where you can go and play and taste.

If you can’t get there, the website is just as fun.  That’s probably why Fisch was voted the 2012 "Retailer of the Year" by Beverage Dynamics, the trade publication targeted to beverage alcohol retailers.

My favorite part of the website is where Fisch lists his top 10 picks under $20.  These are great wines that don’t break the bank. And he brought some of his top wines under $20 the day he came to talk to us.

“Many people think the more money, the better,” says Fisch, who’s mission is to debunk that myth. Have an open mind and you won't necessarily have to empty your wallet.

But not only does Fisch want you to save money, he’s going to try to help you make it too.

In addition to all the wines, spirits and beers on his site and in his stores, Fisch also has a wine futures program.

Basically, he sends some employees to France, they taste wine (primarily Bordeaux) that will not be sold for years, right from the barrels. He then lets his customers pre-order this wine today.

So it’s like buying futures in the stock market.  Buy the wine at a price today in hopes that it’s even better when it is bottled.  Then you can resell it for more.

I love this idea.  And the way the stock market is trading these days, I’d rather put my money on the wine.

Cent’ Anni.