Whether you're planning to go to brunch or treating mom to a home-cooked meal, we have the perfect wines to enjoy throughout your special Mother’s day.

Think fun – Bubbles make everything more festive. Why not serve a glass of prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) with brunch? If plain old bubbly doesn’t seem special enough for mom, then jazz it up a bit. Adding a touch of peach or raspberry purée not only makes a delicious Bellini cocktail, it pairs wonderfully with brunch foods such as French toast, waffles, or a frittata.

Another way to make the glass of sparkling wine a bit prettier is to add small berries to the flute. Blueberries, cranberries, or pomegranate seeds work well. Add a small handful and then fill the flute with the wine, and the bubbles will lift the berries around the glass for a nice visual (and delicious) touch.

Think Pink – Rosé season is just getting underway, and although many people think that bottle of pink wine on the shelf means sweet, that isn’t always the case. Rosé can range from very fruity - to dry, crisp, and refreshing. A dry rosé for a mid-day treat could be nice to sip on its own, or pair it with some raw oysters, cheeses or ceviche as a light appetizer. A fruit-forward rose is also perfect with brunch as well.

Think dark and decadent - Is mom a red wine fan? Perhaps a malbec might be something she’d enjoy. This dark, silky smooth and fruit forward red, can pair with anything from a steak to chocolate truffles. Another unique treat, is to pair a malbec with anything that involves peanut butter. Sweet Revenge in NYC does just that, and pairs a peanut butter cupcake with this wine for a perfect adult PB&J.

Another red that might be nice, and often overlooked, is a Lambrusco. Lambrusco is an Italian red wine with a slight bubble, or frizzanté which makes it more refreshing than a still red wine. You also serve this red chilled. If you decide to BBQ for mom on Sunday, this might be a perfect accompaniment.

Let’s face it, we’ve all done one or two things over the years which may have tested mom’s patience or gotten under her skin, so let’s make her smile this Mother’s day by helping her relax with a nice glass of wine.