Avoid these annoying eating habits--or you'll drive your co-workers nuts.

1. Extremely noisy eating.



To all the crunchers and munchers out there: please stop. While everyone should enjoy their lunch, it really isn't necessary to be chomping away all day on extremely loud foods. It not only annoys desk mates, but can be a big distraction in the workplace. This also goes for talking on the phone with your mouth full or smacking gum at a meetings. Solution? Take those kettle chips to the break room and snack away.

2. Putting weird stuff in the communal fridge or freezer.



From strong smelling foods to exploding sodas, sometimes office mates just don't have a clue when it comes to communal space. Some have even complained of co-workers coming back from a hunting trip and loading their fresh game right into the office fridge. Please, leave Bambi at home and keep in mind that other people need room to store their lunch.

3. Not cleaning your dirty dishes



Sure, most office spaces have a nighttime cleaning crew but these hardworking men and women are not your personal housekeepers. Leaving dirty dishes around not only clutters the common kitchen, but leaving plates with food and drink around could attract bugs or worse.

4. Eating extremely smelly foods at yours desk.



While everyone has a different tolerance for smells, there are some foods that are better consumed in a restaurant or at home. Few people enjoy the smell of pungent fish, for example, but even a Lean Cuisine can have a strong aroma while its turning in the microwave. If you think your food smell may be offensive to others, utilize the office common area away from those who are at their desks.

5. Taking someone else’s food from the fridge.

fridge with food


The ultimate transgression when it comes to food in the workplace is one of the most widely talked about annoying office habits. Sure, that strawberry banana Yoplait might be calling your name. But if you didn't buy it--or get explicit permission to take it from the owner-- then it really is wise to keep your hand off. Sure the passive aggressive notes people leave on the fridge about stolen food are hilarious-- but you won't be laughing when your ham and cheese Hot Pocket mysteriously disappears before noon.

The one cavaet to this rule is that if you see something obviously rotting in your workplace fridge, be an office hero and throw it out right away.