We are lucky to live an age where pretty much anything can be delivered right to your door. And groceries are no exception. Many companies are still searching for the perfect online model but e-commerce has given rise to a new way of exploring food. One thing is certain, actually going to the grocery store is so 2013.

These top grocery and food delivery services make shopping a cinch.

1. Get it all with Instacart



Relative newcomer Instacart combines the best of the best with a personal touch. Unlike traditional truck-to-warehouse delivery systems, this service allows users to nab items from popular grocery stores like Safeway and Whole Foods on one order. Costco items are even available without a traditional membership to the superstore. Instacart is banking on the rise of mobile technology as the go-to e-commerce tool in the future.

2. Go gourmet with Good Eggs


(Good Eggs)

This delivery service is for the true local food connoisseur, catering to individuals who desire farmer’s market quality without leaving the home. Good Eggs started in the San Francisco area in 2012. From farm fresh eggs to locally baked bread, Good Eggs sources the best of local fare. They recently expanded to include New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans with plans to move into more markets in 2014. All of the food is locally grown or assembled, meaning that produce options may vary widely by region -- but the freshness can’t be beat.

3. Click-and-collect at Whole Foods



The nation’s leader in natural foods recently unveiled a new program that allows customers to select items from the convenience of home then pick up their order from the nearest store. While not a full scale delivery service, the new program will increase shopping efficiency across the board. Whole Foods began testing the service in the Philadelphia area from its Plymouth Meeting store last fall. If successful, the plan will continue to roll out to over 320 Whole Foods stores nationwide in the coming years.

4. HelloFresh makes meals easy



This food delivery service takes the guess work out of planning for dinner. Customers receive perfectly portioned, fresh ingredients direct to their door. Designed by trained chefs who hail from the kitchens of Eleven Madison Park and Momofuku in NYC, each HelloFresh delivery has everything you need to create a delicious meal in under 30 minutes. Every week, members can choose three meals from a selection of constantly-changing recipes. The company utilizes its network of local, family-owned purveyors to source the freshest ingredients possible for each recipe and ships the exact amounts straight to your door, for around $10 per person per meal. HelloFresh is currently available in 30 states.

5. AmazonFresh same day delivery



Currently available in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the food subsidiary of internet giant Amazon.com offers same-day and early morning delivery times, which equals less waiting time for the hungry shopper. Customers can also select from a limited amount of non-food, e-commerce items subject to availability. To shop for food, customers must belong to Amazon Prime Fresh (an annual fee of $299), making the program a bit more exclusive.