Top 5 barbecue tools for grill masters

We're still in the midst of summer barbecue season. But if you aren’t equipped with the right tools, you may as well turn the burners off and order take out. Luckily, our collection of must-have grilling products makes it easy to serve perfectly cooked ribs, brisket, burgers and more. From a stainless steel vegetable basket to a foolproof beer-can chicken rack, we’ve got the tools you need no matter what’s on the menu.

And, with more than half of our products available on for around $20 or less, cooking great ‘cue has never been more cost-effective.

1. Weber Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket


Barbecuing vegetables can be a real challenge, as it's just way too easy for them to fall through the grill. This well-designed basket solves that problem. Constructed of stainless steel, it features wide carrying handles and retains heat well. The small slits in the base allow juices to drip out while keeping even green beans and diced scallions contained. Why should meat lovers have all the fun?

Price: $20

2. Camco Deluxe Grilling Table


This cleverly designed table verges on being a mini kitchen. Easy to set up, it's great for backyard barbecues, camping trips, beach picnics or tailgate parties. The steel frame boasts multiple surfaces, including an aluminum tabletop for a portable grill, two side tables, a lower shelf, a paper towel holder and tool hooks. Perfect for use as a grilling table, it can alternatively serve as a prep station. And to top it all off, it's a breeze to fold down and store in its included carrying bag.

Price: $81

3. Cuisinart 14-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set


Grill like a boss with this sturdy, stainless steel barbeque tool set. Each utensil features long, weighted handles to protect your hands from high flames, along with a loop so you can easily hang them up after use. The spatula includes a built-in bottle opener and a wide head that makes flipping food a breeze. This 14-piece assortment rests in a substantial aluminum carrying case, making the collection ideal for the master griller who appreciates organization.

Price: $30

4. Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Chicken Rack


Beer-can chicken has been one of the top trends in barbecue since grill guru Steven Raichlen declared that the tastiest poultry he ever ate was prepared using this technique. Roasting a whole chicken vertically atop a half-full can of steaming beer imparts juiciness while the skin browns beautifully. This rack simplifies the whole process. A holder keeps the beer can (or included canister) in place. A drip pan collects the juices, preventing flare-ups from the grill. Thanks to the canister, you can choose to substitute another liquid — perhaps wine, orange juice or sake — for the beer. Plus, unlike cooking a chicken directly on the grill, in which you have to constantly flip the bird, this method is relatively pain-free.

Price: $22

5. Charcoal Companion Gas Grill Smoker Box


Get mouth-watering smokiness from your gas grill with the Charcoal Companion. This smart smoker box is designed to fit between the burners of your barbecue underneath the grilling rack. Simply open the hinged stainless steel lid, pour in your wood smoking chips and place the box in your grill. As the meat cooks above, flavor-imbuing smoke seeps up from the bottom. Try pre-soaking the chips in wine, beer or citrus juice to impart some zing to your grilled favorites. The smoker box comes in two sizes: short (6-inch) and long (13.25-inch).

Price: $13 (short), $15 (long)

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