This design features a restaurant built in a canyon cliff face

A new restaurant concept could take food to terrifying new heights.

Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar designed by Mexico City firm Tall Arquitectos is perched high on a cliff overlooking Basaseachic Falls, the second highest waterfall in Mexico at 807 feet.

Adventurous guests could rock climb up to the restaurant and rappel down after a thrilling meal.

The first floor of the two-story building, which would be built into the rocky cliff face, features a restaurant and bar area on one side, with tables positioned strategically around the center. The middle of the floor will be glass, affording guests a bird’s eye view of the stunning canyon below.

(Tall Arquitectos)

Upstairs, the space boasts an observation deck with chairs, tables and lounge couches. Guests to the falls can even take an after dinner dip in the swimming pool.

(Tall Arquitectos)

(Tall Arquitectos)

For now the bar at Copper Canyon is just a design but it’s not the first cliffside dwelling to strike fear in the hearts of the acrophobic everywhere.

Last summer designers at Open Platform for Architecture created a stunning house nestled into a rocky cliff made of wood, glass, and concrete. An even bolder design simply called "Cliff House" featured a house that appears suspended high above the ocean below.

But if you’re looking for stunning space to grab a drink now, check out more stunning contemporary designs from Tall Arquitectos.