This beer claims to enhance your creativity

We've all had those moments:  You're at bar.  Drinks are flowing and suddenly the light bulb goes on and you think you've solved the world's problems. It's only in the light of day, with your head pounding, that you realize that maybe you're idea isn't so clever after all.

But a new beer, called the Problem Solver, claims to offer just the right amount of alcohol to enhance your creative thinking skills.

The brew is based on research by University of Illinois at Chicago professor Jennifer Wiley, who found that the average person's "creative peak' is reached at an alcohol level of 0.075 percent.

Inspired by those findings, creative agency CP+B Copenhagen worked with the Danish brewers, Rocket Brewing, to manufacture a beer designed to hit a person's creative peak. The craft IPA has an alcohol by volume of 7.1 percent, which is higher than average beers, and comes with a handy chart on the back of the bottle to show you exactly how much to drink to be at your creative best. It has lines and corresponding weights for both men and women so you can hit Wiley’s magical number of .075 percent.

Drinking the right amount will "enhance your creative thinking," says the bottle, while "drinking more will do the exact opposite.”

Mathias Birkvad, managing director at CP+B Copenhagen told Fast Company that they got the inspiration for the beer after seeing how some great ideas were generated at after-hours social gatherings. "As an agency, we believe that creative thinking can solve any problem. So why not take the idea a step further and use the beer to do something good?”

The Problem Solver beer is currently available in Copenhagen, but we're hoping it could make it stateside soon.