A robber in Michigan left behind more than he bargained for after attempting to steal from a local Starbucks Sunday night.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the amateur thief’s wallet was found at the scene of the crime at the coffee shop location in Roseville.

Fox 2 reported that customer  Jesse Grider stopped the thief in his tracks just after the suspect swiped the tip jar from a counter. Grider told the station that he immediately sprang into action.

"I don't think so, homie don't play that," he said.

Grider held the man down and put him in a headlock while his girlfriend grabbed the jar and returned it to a Starbucks employee But the thief wrestled his way out of Grider's grasp, and fled the store-- but not before leaving something pretty important behind: his wallet. Starbucks promptly turned it over to the authorities.

Police say they are in contact with the 40-year-old suspect’s family members who said that he sometimes stays at a local homeless shelter. The man remains at large and police did not release his name, but they are confident he will be caught.


The workers at Starbucks called Grider and his girlfriend’s actions pretty amazing. Grider, who was visiting Michigan at the time, told Fox 2 that he was amazed that his trip could be so memorable.

"He left with less than when he came in. It's the opposite of a robbery basically," Grider told Fox 2.

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