We’re all guilty of a little over-indulgence on Halloween. How could we not be? Candy companies capitalize on our gluttonous appetites, creating new and fun flavors of our favorite chocolates and sweets.

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Some states, however, indulge more than most. Achievement, a research organization, investigated the calories logged on Halloween from various fitness tracker apps. They tallied up the calories logged and the calories burned through walking — racking up steps while roving the neighborhood for candy.

The team subtracted the calories burned from the calories eaten and ranked states in order of their net intake for the night. They then compared these numbers to the average calories that each state’s residents usually consumed.

The state with the No. 1 spot? Florida. I’m from Florida myself, and I can tell you — the trick-or-treating situation is ideal.

New York came in second place, with Arizona in third.


(Achievement (part of Evidation Health))

The states with the most restraint from Halloween candy temptations were Louisiana and New Hampshire.

“Even though we may have the best of intentions to stay healthy and avoid temptations on Halloween, all of the candy and other high-calorie treats can add up without our realizing it,” Tom Quisel, a data scientist for Achievement, told The Daily Meal.