Move over Cronut. There’s a new donut hybrid in town.

Santa Monica’s DK's Donuts has just introduced the WOWNUT, touted as Los Angeles' first waffle donut hybrid. The creation is a take on the original Wownut from Waffles Café in Chicago, according to FoodBeast, but DK’s version is available with a plethora of toppings to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The wownut recipe contains a mix of traditional donut dough and waffle batter that comes in four flavors – original butter, red velvet, chocolate and ube – a sweet, brightly colored yam  popular in South Asian countries.

Each wownut is fried-to-order, then topped with any combination of treats— from cream cheese frosting and strawberries to pistachios, coconut,  and whipped cream or traditional donut style- glazed with sprinkles.

The LA Wownut is just $6.95 per waffle or $2 for a mini version if you can’t handle the full-sized delicacy.