The world's 'most craveable' burger may surprise you

Craving a deliciously soft, onion-topped, mouthwatering slider? Your go-to burger joint may just be home to the country's most craveable burger.

Restaurant Business News has released a report on the country's most "craveable burgers" based on a survey conducted by Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics data.

With the slogan “What You Crave,” it may come as no surprise (at least not to Harold or Kumar) that White Castle nabbed the top on the list spot with a score of just under 70 percent.

The fast food spot known for its mini burgers also came in fourth as the country's most craveable restaurant chain overall.

Fans of White Castle know that the chain even offers a Crave Case which, according to the company’s website makes “Craving on the go gets a whole lot easier with any 30 Sliders packed in a convenient case” or a Crave Crate which can hold 100 sliders for a true burger lovers' party.


Other burger chains to make it into the top 10 include Krystal Company burgers, which landed in second place, followed by Burger King, In-N-Out, Whataburger, Five Guys, red Robin, Carl’s Jr., Fuddruckers, and The Habbit. McDonald's did not crack the top 10.

Krystal, which is also known for their sliders, received a score of 61.8 percent.

The study noted that America seems to crave sliders over traditional burgers (bucking the notion that bigger may be better)-- perhaps it’s the small size that leaves consumers wanting more.

These are the country's most craveable burgers, according to Restaurant Business News:

1. White Castle

2. Krystal

3. Burger King

4. In-N-Out

5. Whataburger

6. Five Guys

7. Red Robin

8. Carl’s Jr.

9. Fuddruckers

10. The Habit