Eggs may be one of the most versatile proteins around. But there's a lot more you can do with eggs besides fry them, boil them, poach or even scramble.

They can be pretty handy around the house-- whether as an unusual adhesive, polishing old leather boots or even just for some. With Easter coming up, thinking outside the box, or basket, when it comes to your eggs.

Check out some of the coolest and weirdest things you can do with the incredible edible egg.

1. Turn them into mini sports balls


(Monkey Business)

Eggs may be one of the nature's most uniform shapes which makes them a perfect medium to mold into something else. These clever plastic molds will turn a boiled egg into a golf ball, soccer ball or tennis ball. Just don't forget them in the sports equipment box-- no one like a rotten ball.

2. Use egg whites as a beauty mask

Girl woman in facial peel off mask. Skin care.

Portrait of girl young woman in facial peel off mask isolated on white. Peeling. Beauty and body skin care. Studio shot. (iStock)

You've probably heard that egg yolks make a great hair conditioner-- the old mayonnaise trick never hurt-- but did you know the protein in egg whites is great for skin? The protein helps repair cells and promote new growth, while nutrients like potassium and magnesium help hydrate skin. Whisk a little egg white together with some lemon juice and spread the fluffy mixture on your face. You'll feel an immediate tightening effect. Bye, bye wrinkles-- the natural way.

3. Eggs can be a super sticky glue



Egg protein becomes incredibly tacky when dry, forming a sticky sealant that will rival Elmer's. If you run out of traditional glue, just whisk up some egg whites and use the solution to bond paper, light cardboard or even seal a papier-mache project together.

4. Squeaky clean leather stain remover

egg under the black shoe ready to squish it

egg under the black shoe ready to squish it (iStock)

Egg whites are delicate enough to polish your skin but hardy enough to fight stains on leather too. To remove surface blemishes, gently scrub an egg white solution onto old leather-- any color-- and wipe off with a dampened cloth. Not only will the wash lift off old stains, the protein will form a protective barrier from future damage.

5. Cook an egg inside out



This mind blowing trick is surprisingly simple. All it takes is a little centrifugal force and some hot water to literally boil an egg with the yolk on the outside. Friends will be wowed by your kitchen wizardry-- but you'll know all it took was a little pantyhose.

6. Make a boiled egg heart



Making a boiled egg into shape without an expensive mold seems like a daunting task to the non professional cook. But a this classic design is a quick and easy shape to replicate-- plus it will show your diners how much you truly love them in the morning. This YouTube video demonstrates a quick process involving a few everyday household items.

7. Do a few eggs-ellent magic tricks



Eggs versatility clearly extends beyond the kitchen. But do their powers also eggs-stend to another dimension? A clever video from Buzzfeed demonstrates several ways to wow friends and family using eggs as the centerpiece for a few unusual magic tricks.