Hooters restaurant chain is reportedly making its 30-year-old wise owl logo a little leaner and meaner.

The breastaurant chain is modernizing Hootie, the old, scruffy-looking owl in an aim to appeal to a younger, more food-focused crowd.

“Revealing this new logo celebrates our 30-year legacy and continued growth as one of the most successful dining destinations in the world,” said Dave Henninger, the company's chief marketing officer in a release.

The owl is sleeker looking, but keeps the sexual imagery created by its eyes, which some complain look too much like a woman's breasts.

"The double entendre remains in place," chief marketing officer Dave Henninger said told USAToday. "We want to keep the tongue-in-cheek wink going."

The new logo will now replace the old logo on tank tops worn by Hooters waitresses.  It will also show up on menus, and later will be on the signage of remodeled restaurants.

“As we welcome more guests through our doors, the logo refresh is one more enhancement that provides a glimpse of the future and helps us build on our 30-year history,” added Henninger.

Hooters has recently been trying to change its aging image by offering better food to attract a younger crowd amid increasing competition from smaller chain breastaurants.

According to Henninger, the new logo was chosen by a group of 300 consumers from a number of designs created by the Atlanta company Sky Design.  The polling showed consumers preferred the new logo nearly 9 to 1 over the old logo.

What do you think?  Is the new logo a good move?