Texans will be able to get beer, wine delivered directly to their homes

Texas residents no longer have to leave their homes when they need a drink.

On June 3, Governor Gregg Abbott signed a bill making it legal for beer and wine to be delivered by retailers in Texas. The move was met with praise on social media, with many people believing this will lower the number of drunk-driving instances.

The bill makes it legal for any retailer who holds a wine and beer license to deliver those items directly to customers’ homes, KPRC 2 in Houston reports. Abbott posted a video of the signing to his Twitter account, saying “I just signed a law allowing you to order beer and wine from retailers to be delivered to your home. Enjoy responsibly.”

In the video, Abbott asks, “Have you ever ordered food or groceries from a retailer to be delivered to your home and also wish that you could order beer or wine to be delivered to your home? Well, I’m about to sign a law that allows you to do just that. Enjoy responsibly.”

The bill will go into effect on Sept. 1, KRIS 6 in Corpus Christi reports.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users responded positively to the news. One user commented, “Thank you!!! This means less people driving under the influence!!! You may have saved thousands of Texan lives with your signature!!!

Another user added, “This will prevent people from making beer runs after they've been drinking for several hours and they run out, possibly saving lives and keeping people out of jail. Nicely done Governor.”


Other took the opportunity to brag about Texas, with one user saying, “Texas really is the promised land.” Others found this to be a unifying issue, with one person posting, “Finally a policy issue that can unite the country. Please run for president.”


Of course, not everybody was satisfied and asked the governor to do more, with one user requesting, “Sell alcohol at 10am on Sundays, please and thank you.”