Only in New York City would people pay an average $7.50 for a toddler meal delivered to your door.

But this isn't your run-of-the-mill chicken fingers and pizza. Two year olds can dine on organic chicken with curried yogurt, grilled arctic char with herbed quinoa, or turkey sliders stuffed with barley, kale and raisins on a brioche bun.

The New York Post reports there is a growing boom in takeout companies that cater to discerning eaters who may still be in diapers --and supported by a growing number mostly time-strapped working parents — who are willing to cough up the cash for food combining convenience with farm-to-table wholesomeness.

Companies like Junior’s Fresh and Komi Organics of Brooklyn are seeing a spike in business from parents happy to pick out menu items that are Michelin star than McDonald’s.

“My kids are really into trying new things, and their palates are becoming quite sophisticated,” says mom-of-three Nicole Cain, a regular client of Komi Organics. “It’s essential to me that they eat a diverse range of food and get the right amount of carbs, proteins and vegetables,” she told told the Post.

New York isn't the only place that offers gourmet meals for the little ones. There are host of home delivered food services and restaurants that match good taste and good quality.

Yapita in Oakland, Calif. delivers locally-sourced gourmet foods and meals to tots right to your door:  just sign up and get a week's supply.  And Paleta in LA offers a kids organic meal delivery service that comes already packed in a reusable cooler ready to send off to school.