Autumn is a great time to enjoy grilling outside. With cooler temperatures and fewer bugs, you can relax around your table and enjoy long evenings on the deck. Tabletop grills will keep you warm on cool fall evenings, and bring an upscale Asian restaurant element home to your deck or patio.

The Shinwa Grill

The most complete and unique in tabletop grills is the Shinwa Grill. At about $500, the Shinwa is a bamboo table with a built-in cast iron grill in the center. The Shinwa is an outdoor grill that is built to stand up under all seasons. It is however, recommended to cover the grill when not in use to help preserve the appearance of the grill.

The Shinwa is designed similar to grilling tables in some Japanese restaurants. You and your guests can socialize while grilling up meats, sea food, veggies, tofu, etc. Care might need to be taken is regards to access to the grill top by children. The Shinwa weights 140 lbs., is 41" square and 28" high. The grill surface is 15 ½ ". The company has guidebooks you can download for assembly and maintenance but in general, the company recommends regular cleaning of the table and grill with an oiled cloth.

Blackstone Tabletop Attachment

If you already own a Blackstone four-burner cook station, you can purchase a tabletop attachment for about $150 that provides a similar dining experience as the Shinwa Grill. The attachment is a flat powder-coated steel grill that fits over the burners. The attachment also extends out from the grill on three sides to create table seating for up to six.

Casa Moda Smokeless Tabletop Grill with Ceramic Tray

The Casa Moda grill can also be used indoors in a well-ventilated kitchen. The Casa Moda is a tabletop grill that costs about $100 and weighs 9lbs. It has a non-stick surface for grilling, sits on a pedestal, and comes with cooking forks and a ceramic tray to place the items you are grilling prior to cooking. The Casa Moda can be heated with a 7 oz. can of fuel. Hand-washing the grill and tray for clean-up is recommended.

Weber Table-Top LP Gas Grill

The Weber tabletop grill comes with two folding work tables with tool hooks. The Weber grill is designed more for barbeque-style cooking and comes with a cast-iron cooking grill and a 280 square inch cooking area. The Webber grill ranges in price from about $140 to $170.

Cuisinart CGG 200 All Food Tabletop Gas Grill

The Cuisinart All Food Grill comes with interchangeable cooking surfaces to accommodate most if not all types of cooking, including breads and pizzas. It has a 240 square inch cooking area and cooks at 120,000 BTU's. The Cuisinart All Food Grill costs between $130 and $180.

Fulgar La Scapa Outdoor Tabletop Electric Grill

For a small, portable (weighs 14 lbs.) outdoor tabletop grill the Fulgar La Scapa is high end at a cost of about $500. The Fulgar is sleek and can cook foods from 210 degrees to 700 degrees despite variations in outdoor temperatures. The Fulgar table-top grill cooks with radiant heat, plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet and has 20 " of cooking space.

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