It's that time of the year again when gridiron fans ramp up for another season of touchdowns and tailgating.

Whether you're hitting the parking lot with a back-of-the-van spread or staying at home to watch the big games, keeping party food fresh and funky is easy, says Clinton Kelly, host of "The Chew."

“A great way to sort of take the dishes that you know and give them a new twist, sort of a new lease on life, is to add mango to them,” Kelly told Fox News’ Ashley Dvorkin.

For example, grill chicken for tacos and top them with fresh mango salsa instead of cooking up hot dogs and brats.

Kelly says keep to the tried and true recipes that are a little forgiving. “It takes a lot of effort to screw up chicken thighs,” said Kelly. “The more you grill them, the better they taste.”

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Recipe: Grilled Chicken Taco With Mango.

He says don't just bulk up on the snack food and grilled meat.  Make sure there are plenty of  fruits and vegetables to complement your dishes.

Finally, have a radio handy for pregame updates, comfy seating for your guests and a football at the ready to keep competitive spirits up --and your parties will be all-star winners.

Check out the National Mango Board and its Facebook page for more ways to cook with mango.