Stunning food art is almost too pretty to eat

After taking a look at 'Culinary Canvas', an inspired food art blog, you may never look at some of your favorite foods the same way.

Lauren Purnell, the student-turned-artist behind the project, has always had a keen appreciation for food but didn’t really focus on the idea of edible art until she hosted a dinner party as a college student.

“My original inspiration was at a dinner event at University where I was cooking for a few of my friends. I had spent quite a bit of time locating the ingredients,  prepping and cooking the food, then plating and presenting the dish,” Purnell told “Despite the time and effort put into making said dish, the meal disappeared pretty quickly without a moment given to appreciate its appearance.”

During dinner conversation, Purnell began arranging a few noodles on her plate and pretty soon she had created her first “spaghettree.” It was a hit. From then on, she decided to devote some of her free time to creating unique plated art with edible ingredients.

Now her designs feature mostly fresh fruits and vegetables- an homage to her father who often cooked with healthy, fresh ingredients and instilled a love of food in Purnell. She says that her dad was also creative when it came to how he presented food on the table.

Each plate takes between 20 minutes to an hour to put together depending on the design's complexity. Purnell draws inspiration from some of her favorite things, including animals like a brightly green humming bird.

So what happens to the food after the perfect picture is taken?

“I do one of several things. If I'm using the fresh, edible parts of food then yes I eat them afterwards,” Purnell said. Some of her designs feature non-edibles like fruit pits or rinds but this eco-friendly artist thinks twice before throwing anything out.

“Sometimes I'll even just put pieces in a bag in the fridge and see if I can use them again for another creation.”