Pickle juice is having a bit of a moment (a disgusting, disgusting moment): You can get your whiskey shot with a pickle juice back at hip bars, and pickle juice sports drinks are apparently a thing.

Now, USA Today brings news of a brine too far: pickle juice slushes at Sonic. The drink is part of the fast-food chain's new Snow Cone Slushes lineup that will debut in June, FoodBeast further reports.

Food & Wine sampled the bright green pickle juice slush and found it "surprisingly delicious," adding, "Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about."

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The publication adds that the drink is inexplicably addicting, if slightly too sweet.

FoodBeast also tried it, and says the pickle juice syrup "provides a punch of briny acidity, but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness out of the flavor."

More good news for anyone whose mouth is watering at the thought of sweet and briny syrup: Sonic will let customers add it to burgers, sundaes, or any other menu item.

Other new Snow Cone Slushes flavors include Bahama Mama and the inscrutable Tiger's Blood. (Less appetizing than a pickle juice slush? A drink that includes a pickled toe...)

This article originally appeared on Newser as "Fast-food chain introduces new pickle-based drink."