A specialty brew --called CPA or cerebral palsy beer--has been reportedly created for select Swedish bars that have good access for disabled people.

According to the BBC, the limited edition beer found in the city of Gothenburg, is the brainchild of a group representing the disabled called the Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living (GIL).

The beer is a hybrid of Indian pale ale and American pale ale, reportedly brewed with the four classic hops, which all have names beginning with a C—as in cerebral palsy. The bottle's label is designed with an image of a woman with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair.

The idea behind the beer, characterized by its makers as a beer that “everyone will want,” is that if everyone indeed wants it, more bars will make accommodations for the disabled.  GIL says that things like first floor access to nightspots and disabled toilets are lacking, despite a 2010 law meant to ensure access.

"We like to cause a stir and make people react and create feelings," GIL's Anders Westgerd told the BBC. "Disabled people are marginalized in media and hence you have to do something non-traditional to create feelings and make people angry."

Some 500 gallons of the cerebral palsy beer has been brewed so far, which was first launched in April at the beer and whisky fair in Gothenburg, says the BBC.

But not everyone is happy about the beer, or the group's past campaigns.  One effort included a “retard doll”, or CP-dockan in Swedish (cerebral palsy doll), with the tagline: “treat her like a real retard”.

Critics say that the campaigns only make the disabled the subject of ridicule and mockery.