Smashburger is trying out a holiday burger pass — called “The Smash Pass” — that will allow customers to purchase a burger for $1 from November 15 through January 9. As part of the deal, the $54 pass will allow customers to buy one burger per day for $1, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas, from mid-November to early January.

“We’ve never done it before,” the Denver-based chain’s CEO, Tom Ryan, told Nation’s Restaurant News. “We’re going to see how it works.”

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Not only will customers be able to purchase a $1 burger, the coupon extends to any entrée for the same price. That means customers have the option of a turkey burger, black bean burger or salad should they choose.

“My strategy came from watching the results of the Olive Garden thing,” Ryan said referring to Olive Garden's success with their Pasta Pass. “It’s a big program.”

Smashburger Reuters

Smashburger's $54 burger pass will entitle one buyer to daily $1 burgers for nearly two months. (Reuters)

The Smash Pass is currently available online for purchase by Smash Burger loyalty program members and will remain available until November 15.