When it comes to edibles, Scotland may be more renowned for its whisky than its cuisine.

But it turns out the tartan nation has a plethora of traditional foods. Hearty meats and creamy desserts are plentiful on Scottish platters.

Here are some dishes that the U.K. will no longer be able to claim as their own if Scotland becomes an independent nation on Thursday.

1. Scotch Pie



This hearty meat pie can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner, or even as a quick handheld snack. The crust is thick like a pie shell--not a flaky pastry crust typically found on many savory pies-- providing maximum meat protection. Scotch pies are usually filled with beef or mutton in a thick gravy accompanied by stew vegetables like onions and carrots.

2. Haggis



Haggis, one of Scotland's most well-known dish, is a pudding-like dish containing sheep's heart, liver and lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and stuffed in a sheep's stomach.

3. Cranachan



It's a complicated name for a rather simple dessert. Cranachan is usually made with fresh raspberries, whipped cream, honey and toasted oats. In traditional Scottish fashion, a little whisky can be added to heighten the flavor of the cream.

4. Stornoway Black Pudding



While blood sausage is a popular item on breakfast menus throughout Europe, this blood pudding can only be made on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Elsewhere the dish is traditionally made with pig's blood but the Scottish version has beef suet, oatmeal, onion, blood from sheep, cows or pigs and seasoning.

5. Tablet



Traditional Scottish tablet is made from just three ingedients: sugar, condensed milk and butter. The result is a creamy confection that looks like caramel fudge but tastes like caramel. The texture is a hardier and more grainy. Nuts are sometimes added to the mix.