Scent-sational: Bar lets guests choose cocktail by favorite perfume

A new bar in Berlin is inviting guests to choose cocktails not by sight or taste, but with their nose.

‘Fragrances,’ which recently opened in The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin is the world’s first bar that matches cocktails with perfume, according to the Daily Mail.

The menu was designed by mixologist Henning Heisse, who is also a perfume expert. At the bar, guests are invited to smell various perfumes including signature scents from Georgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain. Based on the chosen smell, drinkers can pick the matching cocktail for a perfectly matched drink scent-sation.

In keeping with the perfume design, each drink is served in a unique way that mirrors the smelly inspiration - from glasses set in buckets and birdhouses to bottles.

“At Fragrances, we want our guests not only to enjoy their drinks, but to experience them,” Arnd Heissen of The Ritz-Carlton told the Daily Mail. “Our new bar doesn't only appeal to the nose and palate, but also the eye, the ear and our natural play instinct.”

All ingredients used to make the signature drinks will be displayed next to the corresponding perfume bottle at the entrance to ‘Fragrances.’

Specialty bar snacks are also available that match the olfactory experience including a macaron with raspberries and vanilla that compliments ‘Signorina’ by Ferragmo.

These sensually crafted cocktails aren’t cheap. Drinks at Fragrances start around $19.